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New release WebPublisher Studio - Client Server development tools for building online database applications

What does it do?

WebPublisher Studio is a Client-Server Development Toolkit for writing database applications that operate over TCP/IP (the Internet). WebPublisher Studio augments the functionality of Omnis Studio by adding a complete development framework for rapid development of web enabled applications. Using the WebPublisher Studio Developer Toolkit you can build Active Web Pages for delivering HTTP/HTML or write complete Omnis Studio desktop (Fat) applications that communicate over TCP/IP. You can also develop Peer-to-Peer configurations, such as data warehouses and integration servers, that collect, aggregate and process data from other sources.

> Click here to view some simple active web page examples.

Multiple Instances - Scalability Built In

WebPublisher Studio is capable of running up to 47 instances within a single WebPublisher Studio cluster.
Each instance of WebPublisher Studio is a complete, asynchronous TCP/IP compliant database server capable of responding to client requests. Need to support more traffic? Add another server instance.

Unlimited Connections - Unrestricted Server License

There are NO RESTRICTIONS on the number of concurrent users connecting to a WebPublisher Studio Server.


Client Server Architecture

ConnectivityWebPublisher Studio Connectivity Programmer Friendly - Written In Omnis Studio for Omnis Programmers
If you've ever used the Omnis Studio IDE to write software then you'll feel right at home with WebPublisher Studio - it's Omnis all the way down - stable, reliable and extensible. That puts you in complete control - after all, it's your application.

The connectivity diagram (pictured left) illustrates typical Server and Client frameworks that can be integrated using WebPublisher Studio. Omnis Studio provides middleware for a large number of proprietary databases including PostgresSQL, MS-SQLServer, DB2, Oracle and many others.


WebPublisher Studio saves you hours of time and effort building web-enabled systems
With WebPublisher Studio, anything you've already built using Omnis Studio can be preserved but with the added reach of the internet. That's because all of the TCP/IP processing work is handled by WebPublisher Studio Server. There are no restrictions on what you can create with WebPublisher Studio and Omnis - remote desktop applications, dynamic web services, batched mail dispatchers, document management systems - virtually any application where sharing real time data is important. And once it's built you can manage it remotely - even in production.

You can try it out for yourself - click here to download our Free Evaluation Kit (*Note: Requires Omnis Studio IDE)