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WebPublisher Studio started life in 1997

The product was initially developed in Omnis 7V3 (now known as Omnis Classic) to allow developers to web enable Omnis databases into HTTP compliant Active Web Pages and TCP/IP thick client applications.

Our first Client Server system, built in 1998, recorded service appointments and tabulated agency statistics using a Thick Client application operating over TCP/IP across eight campuses at a university in Melbourne. The product has come a long way since those early days.

Throughout the product lifecycle the tools have been exhaustively tested in production and many new features have been added.

WP V2.2

Version 2 - 1998

The product was made available in a general release as V2.2 in 1998 and systems using this version were delivering production web services for over 10 years.
No mean feat given how platforms and OS environments have changed. Unfortunately things do have to change.

- Version 2.2 was deprecated in 2009.
- We no longer supply a version compatible with Omnis Classic.

Version 3 - 2005


In 2002 development commenced using Omnis Studio and the entire architecture was revised and rewritten from the ground up.

Significant additions to the development environment were made possible with the new features available in Omnis Studio and this allowed us to improve the Server API and fully redesign the Client API to permit remote management.

In 2005 the application was relaunched as WebPublisher Studio to reflect the migration of the Classic source code to Omnis Studio.

Version 3 of the application was not made available in a general release but has nonetheless been used by other developers in production systems dating back to 2005. Some are still running after more than 8 years.

Version 4 - 2006

In 2006 the code base was revised in preparation for a general release to the developer community.

At the same time Omnis Studio moved to version 4 so it was necessary to verify compatibility before launching the product.
So we thought about it and added a few more things.

During 2008 the product was finalised for general release as V4.0

- Version 4.1 was deprecated in 2012.
- We no longer support Omnis Studio V3.3 (although we can supply WPS 4.1 if required - contact us directly)

Version 5.1 - 2013


In 2012 the code base was revised to be compatible with Omnis Studio 4.3 (Unicode) and Studio 5.2
  • Significant enhancements have been made to the transport layers and encryption in Thick Client implementations.
  • We can also provide a multithreaded Java gateway application that will balance requests on multiple-instance clusters.

During 2013 the development architecture was rewritten to make TCP/IP the transport mechanism for all development, administration and production management. Remote deployment facilities were also added.
The product was tested to be Omnis Studio 6 compatible.

In September 2013 the product was released as V5.1 - you can get the latest build on the Download page.

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