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Real World Examples

Here are a few Case Studies showing some typical deployment configurations that we've implemented.

As you can see from the configuration options shown below, WebPublisher Studio allows data to be processed and published in numerous different ways.

(Note in the Case Studies the suffix ".wpm" denotes a WebPublisher Studio Macro whilst ".wpx" refers to a Thick Client using the WPXTools Plugin)

Steps involved in developing WebPublisher Studio Active Web Pages (Thin Client)
Step 1:

Decompose pages into Static and Dynamic content.

We recommend using a wireframe Offsite to layout forms and page elements during the specification phase.

Step 2:

Declare variables for use when processing forms and returning Active Web Pages from Macros.

The wireframe allows field lengths, formats and typical data to be modelled so you can fully specify all static and dynamic content.

Step 3:

Create Macro Code Resources to manage business logic and populate server page responses.

Each Macro is published as a URI and transacts client requests by executing the Code Resources sequentially in the order assigned.

A Code Resource is a mixture of HTML formatting and executable Omnis Studio methods delimited using the <%>...</%> tags.

WebPublisher Studio Configuration Options

Step 4:

Add any final graphical elements and static content then publish Active Web Pages using WebPublisher Studio Server.

You can test your application in the staging area you have created on your machine or network then move it to the production server when you're satisfied it's all working properly.

  • All WebPublisher Studio content is stored in the Plugins folder inside the server cluster.
  • Plugins contain a library used for writing Omnis code and a data file used to store any WebPublisher Studio Active Web Page resources.
  • Database content can be stored in an Omnis Data File located in the WebPublisher Studio Data folder
    (or in any other database repository that can be accessed using Omnis Studio middleware such as SQLite, SQL Server, Oracle etc.).

Helpful Links

  • Check out some interactive examples of WebPublisher Studio Macros delivering Active Web Pages on our Examples page.
  • To fully test the features of WebPublisher Studio you can download a free evaluation version from our Download page.
  • You can learn more about using WebPublisher Studio for supporting Telework here Offsite