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Business Case - Thin Client

Any standard HTTP based Web Service that needs to deliver Active Web Pages (AWP).

Browser - Submission Form Transaction Processing using Thin and Thick Client


This configuration uses the WebPublisher Studio server to deliver Active Web Pages to an Ultra Thin Client (in this case a web browser).
This allows the leveraging of data from the enterprise database to users on the internet.

You can think of this installation as doing .asp or .php for Omnis Studio.

We use the suffix convention ".wpm" for the URI (eg. my-page.wpm) but you can use any suffix you like for Macro URIs.

How it works

Active Web Page URLs are requested using standard HTTP CGI form handlers (Name Value Pair) and programmed using the Development Client.

GET and POST methods are supported using standard HTML forms (eg. my-page.wpm?value1=value1&value2=value2 etc.).

Web-based login sessions are handled by the Session Management tools provided in the API.
Users can log into an account, submit forms, view and interact with web content, search database records etc.

In this case example the database is being managed using a WebPublisher Studio Thick Client application (see the Thick Client case study for more information) although data can be managed using any other database tools you want to use.

Helpful Links

To view some online examples of WebPublisher Studio Thin Client web services, check out:

  • The Indotender Website Offsite - an online Tender Notification service.
  • The BookEmart Offsite - a free SSL service for listing second hand books.
  • ADTC Offsite -The Australian Diamond Trading Corporation customer web site.
  • "Kamus" Offsite - our online Indonesian-English dictionary.
  • The Australian Post Code Finder Offsite - a simple postal code search engine.
  • Further examples can be accessed from the Examples page.