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Business Case - Multiple Instance Cluster

This type of configuration is used for on-line Subscription Services and Electronic Commerce applications where management of enterprise data requires dedicated functionality to be assigned to specific servers.

This system supports remote data processing, subscriptions and access to the data over the web, batch processsing of customised emails and system maintenance activities.

Transaction Processing using Thin and Thick Clients in a multi-instance cluster

How it works

In the configuration shown there are three instances of WebPublisher Studio sharing a single IP with each instance assigned to different ports.
Each server instance is allocated to a specific web service such as HTTP, Thick Client, SMTP Batch Processing etc.
This use of WebPublisher Studio allows data to be delivered to several classes of end user - remote data entry personnel, web browser clients, and email clients.

We use a similar configuration in the Indotender Offsite application we developed for a customer in 2004.


Each instance provides an execution thread that can socket connections and process requests asynchronously.

Up to 47 instances can be configured in a cluster - each instance requires a uniquely serialized Omnis Studio runtime to operate.

In this example all instances share cached data from the WebPublisher Studio server data repository.

  • Instance 1 (Port 1080) - Processes WebPublisher Studio Thick Client requests entering enterprise data.
    A thick desktop application is used for remote data entry and electronic data processing.

  • Instance 2 (Port 80) - Handles HTML web requests for login sessions and access to user account data.
    Active Web Pages are served using WebPublisher Studio Macros.

  • Instance 3 (Port 1081) - Batch processing activities including compiling email reports to subscribers, archiving transactions, updating subscriptions etc.
    Batches use the Task Manager built into WebPublisher Studio to handle event scheduling.