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Corporate Windows provides a free Evaluation Kit so that you can test WebPublisher Studio for yourself.

About the Evaluation Kit:

The Evaluation package has the following constraints:
  • 100 hits per boot restriction on the server
    (Restarting WebPublisher Server resets the counter)
  • Maximum Server ports: 2
  • Maximum SMTP Servers: 2
  • Maximum Plugins: 2
  • Maximum Macros per Plugin: 3
  • Maximum Tasks per Plugin: 2
  • No Production Server access
Despite these limits, we believe there's sufficient scope to fully evaluate all of the development tools built into WebPublisher Studio.
(plus - any work done using the evaluation copy is preserved if you decide to purchase the full development system)

Once you've installed the applications we'd suggest you work through the Active Web Page Examples - it'll take about 20 minutes - then look at the Demo library examples documented in the Developer Manual. This should give you a thorough understanding of how to develop custom WebPublisher Studio Plugin applications.

We hope that your experience using WebPublisher Studio will prove beneficial and, like us, you'll appreciate the ease and flexibility it provides for developing custom web-enabled applications in Omnis Studio.

Thank you for your interest and happy WebPublishing!

The Development Team
Corporate Windows Pty Ltd
website: www.corporate-windows.com To Corporate Windows website

Download Instructions:

The current release version of WebPublisher Studio is V5.1

The libraries supplied in the Evaluation Kit are built in Omnis Studio 4.3.2 but can be converted to a later version by opening WebPublisher Studio with a development copy of Omnis and accepting the option to convert libraries. Library conversion cannot be performed using a Runtime.

To upgrade WebPublisher Studio to a version of Omnis Studio later than V4.3:

  1. Convert WebPublisher Server by opening with your copy of Omnis Developer. All Plugin components, including data files, will be converted.
  2. When the server Serialisation Window displays, choose Quit then reboot the Server using your Runtime copy of Omnis.
  3. When prompted for Serialisation, assign the Server Ports and an Admin User ID & Password - the server is now ready to receive connections.
  4. Convert WebPublisher Client by opening with Omnis Developer and accepting the option to convert.
  5. You can now connect to the server with your User ID and Password and start using WebPublisher.
All the files required to install and run WebPublisher Studio are included in the Evaluation Kit (Download size = 4.7MB)
  • Note that your use of this software is subject to our Software End User License Agreement (EULA) >View the EULA
  • You can download a PDF copy of the agreement >Download the EULA PDF

WebPublisher Studio Documentation (Download size = 3.7MB)

The WebPublisher Studio Manuals are included in the Evaluation Kit but are also available here as a separate download (Manuals require Acrobat or similar PDF reader)

DownloadGet Manuals
WebPublisher Studio Pricing:

Click here to access WebPublisher Studio License and Pricing information.

Click here To Corporate Windows secure website to purchase a WebPublisher Studio Developer License from our secure Developer Website.