WebPublisher Studio Purchasing: License Information

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Purchasing WebPublisher Studio


  • Deployment of WebPublisher Studio is controlled by the serial numbers issued for each configuration.

  • The licensing process involves assigning a serial number to the WebPublisher Studio Evaluation copy.

  • Only Developers can purchase Production licenses for their customers - access is via logon on the Developer Site.
    Note: This restriction is imposed to allow developers to provide technical support to their clients performing upgrades.

  • License purchases can be made using PayPal or a Direct Deposit/Cheque.

The license fees for WebPublisher Studio are as follows:

License Type


Price AUD **

Evaluation Restricted development environment (Server & Client tools)
- Use this to test out the product - no time limits apply
Development Full development environment (Server & Client tools) $600 (ex GST)
Production Server environment for production installations
- A Production license is required for each deployment.
- Only registered WebPublisher developers can purchase Production licenses.
- Each Server instance requires an Omnis Studio Runtime.
- Administration Client(s) to manage production systems - each requires Omnis Studio Runtime.
$900 (ex GST)
Server Instances Additional licenses for multiple instance clusters (Development and Production)
- WebPublisher Studio clusters allow multi-threading and load balancing.
- Each Server instance requires an additional Omnis Studio Runtime.
- Additional instances require the issue of a new Server serial number.
  eg. a 3 instance Production cluster license is $900 + $400 = $1,300 (plus GST $130 as applicable)
(ex GST)
Cluster GateWay Java application providing a gateway IP/Port for load balancing/routing of multi-instance clusters $POA
GST **Australian Resident purchases are subject to 10% Goods and Services Tax Add 10% GST

Omnis Studio - Backwards Compatibility

WebPublisher Studio V5.1 is built in Omnis Studio V4.3 to support legacy users (Unicode and Non-Unicode) but can be converted to work with Omnis Studio V5 or V8 by opening WebPublisher Studio using a development copy of Omnis and accepting the option to convert the libraries.

Please Note:
You need an Omnis Studio V4, V5 or V8 Runtime or Developer IDE to run the WebPublisher Studio Server.
You need an Omnis Studio V4, V5 or V8 Developer IDE for writing applications using the WebPublisher Studio Development toolkit.

If you're not already an Omnis Developer you can download an evaluation copy of Omnis Studio from the Omnis Software website Offsite