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WebPublisher Studio is a suite of development tools for writing Client-Server applications to deliver database content over TCP/IP.

It uses a Plugin architecture to allow multiple applications and web services to be served from a single host.

  • Rapid Application Development environment (RAD) based on Omnis Studio
  • Complete TCP/IP development toolkit using Web-Enabler components of Omnis Studio
  • Tools for developing for Thin (HTTP/HTML) and Thick (Omnis desktop) applications
  • Preserves your legacy code - web-enable all or part of your application
  • Remote administration, maintenance and deployment tools for developing offsite
  • Simple, structured data transport mechanism for encrypted transmissions in Thick implementations
  • Scalable architecture permits multiple instances and ports
  • Comprehensive port and error logging facilities

Typical applications that can be built using WebPublisher Studio include shopping cart and e-commerce, on-line sales catalogues, price lists, rental accommodation, for-sale notices, email dispatching, remote unattended data capture and virtually anything that needs a database served over the internet.

Evaluation Kit - Contents

In particular, thick (Fat) clients can be developed to support feature-rich desktop database applications running encrypted over TCP/IP.

Omnis Studio Requirements

WebPublisher Studio is written in Omnis Studio Offsite and requires a development copy of Omnis Studio (V4.3 to V8) comprising one developer IDE and one runtime kit. Development of systems for production requires a licensed development copy of WebPublisher Studio and a Production License for the production server. Software is supported on both Macintosh and Windows operating systems.
Omnis Studio

Installing WebPublisher Studio

WebPublisher Studio is supplied in an Evaluation Kit that can be upgraded to the full version by purchasing a serial number from Corporate Windows. More information about product licensing can be found on the Download page.

Download Evaluation