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Database Driven Email

WebPublisher Studio contains a simple mechanism for merging data into an email body and tools for delivering emails containing database content.

You can create email templates for any purpose - responding to Password Requests, Invoice delivery, Newsletters - whatever you choose. A Template Resource is used to lay out a mail body that can contain text with embedded expressions.

  • Templates are retrieved with a method in the Server API.
  • Embedded expressions are evaluated when the template is retrieved.
  • Templates can contain static and/or dynamic content.
  • Mail can be sent as Plain Text or HTML
  • Email can be set to send immediately or queued to a batch.

A Template Resource is managed using the Template Editor, which is accessed from the Template Tab of the Resource Manager

Managing SMTP Services

WebPublisher Server contains a mail queue that is processed at regular intervals assigned by the administrator. The mail queue can be reviewed, and queued mail can be deleted or sent immediately by the administrator from the Mail Queue window in WebPublisher Client.

Fallback Servers

The Mail Manager can contain a list of SMTP mail servers that are tried sequentially until the mail is successfully sent. If a server has failed then the next server on the list will be tried. The order for polling can be changed by moving the server up or down the list. Any errors that prevent mail from being sent are placed in the WebPublisher Error Log.


Template Editor Window

You can find out more about developing SMTP Mail Services in the WebPublisher Studio Developer Manual.