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Server Side Tasks

WebPublisher Studio provides tools for running unattended server events based upon any schedule you want to assign.

You can set up Tasks to handle any type of activity - end of period batches, bulk email, database housekeeping, data acquisition and processing, client-server synchronisation and uploads - anything that you can program in Omnis Studio.

You set up Task Resources using the Task Editor which is accessed from the Task Tab of the Resource Manager.

Plugin Manager
  • A Task Resource contains a call to a method in the Plugin Library and a mechanism for scheduling the event.
  • When activated, it calls the specified Plugin Library method repeatedly at the specified interval.

Scheduling Server Tasks

  • The frequency of Task execution is set using the tab panes of the Task Editor.
  • Task events can be set to run in increments as small as one minute.
Plugin Manager Plugin Manager
Schedule - Minutes Schedule - Hours
Plugin Manager Plugin Manager
Schedule - Days Schedule - Months