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Desktop Database Applications over TCP/IP

Our WPX Toolkit lets you put your database application online, connecting remote users from any point of presence.

You've got complete access to the Omnis IDE interface and controls - lists, tables, buttons etc. - all the stuff you're used to working with writing desktop applications. You use the Omnis Studio IDE to create a feature-rich interface for entering and displaying database content. This means you can write sophisticated client-side data validation and integrity checks prior to submitting data to your WebPublisher Server Plugin.

All database processing and record updating is performed by your Server Plugin allowing you to manipulate data structures, perform server side validation and return any error conditions to the user. You can also write custom log files allowing you to record any type of user activity you choose.

Secure and Fast

WebPublisher Studio Thick Client is secure because you can encrypt your transmissions between Client and Server. Plus no data need ever reside on a Client workstation - great for mobile users because, in the unfortunate event of a laptop theft, it won't compromise any enterprise data.

And, most importantly, it's REALLY FAST because only the data is exchanged between Client and Server.


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You can find out more about developing Thick Client applications in the Tools section or download the WebPublisher Studio Developer Manual.