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Active Web Pages

WebPublisher Studio provides a comprehensive application development framework for writing dynamic web services.

Active Web Pages are served using Plugin Macro Resources that execute Code Resources you write according to business rules you develop. A Macro contains one or more Code Resources that comprise a mixture of HTML and Omnis Studio code that are executed sequentially in the order assigned in the Macro.

You can embed variables in Code Resources or issue calls to Omnis Studio methods you write using the Omnis Studio IDE. Macros can be structured for conditional branching so that alternative data can be returned based upon traps written into the program.

All database processing and record updating is performed by your Server Plugin allowing you to manipulate data structures, perform server side validation and return any error conditions to the Active Page. You can also write custom log files allowing you to record any type of user activity you choose.

Plays Nicely with other HTTP services

WebPublisher Studio is designed to integrate with other TCP/IP devices, such as web servers, mail servers, and FTP sites as well as any database backends supported by Omnis Studio.

Your applications can also be designed to integrate with other web services such as PayPal, Google Ads, and popular search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.


Resource Manager Window

You can find out more about developing Thin Client applications in the Tools section or download the WebPublisher Studio Developer Manual.