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Known Faults

WebPublisher Studio 5.1

Fault OS Affected: MS Windows - All versions Date: 01 March 2016 CLOSED
Symptoms: Mail Templates are not being recognised in the Windows environment of WebPublisher Studio.

Executing the method

Do SERVER.$GetTemplate($clib,cResName,cTemplate) Returns #F

will always return #F=0 despite the template resource "cResName" being present and correctly named in the plugin data file.

Versions: WebPublisher Studio V5.1r4 and Omnis Studio V4.3.2 - 6.1
Severity: This fault will prevent the Mail Template loading when running on any version of Windows.

The fault does not occur on Macintosh platforms.

Solution: The problem is caused by an incorrect internal reference to the template within the underlying server code.

The workaround is to rename your plugin libraries for Windows using uppercase for the filename.

eg. myplugin.lbs and myplugin.df1 should be renamed to MYPLUGIN.lbs and MYPLUGIN.df1

Apr 2017

This fault is fixed in the current release of WebPublisher Studio V5.1r6

As faults are cleared we'll move them into an archive.

If you wish to report a fault with WebPublisher Studio please do so using the contact form on the Support page.