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If you've ever developed in Omnis you'll feel at home straight away

WebPublisher Studio's Plug-in architecture allows discrete web services to be developed using Macros comprising a mixture of Omnis Studio native code combined with WebPublisher Studio Code Resources and API calls.

  • Applications are written using the Developer Toolkit and deployed to the WebPublisher Studio server.
  • The Developer Toolkit supplies all the tools needed for writing HTML Active Web Pages and Omnis Studio thick client applications.
  • The Toolkit provides editors for writing and configuring WebPublisher Studio resources such as Macros, Code Resources, Tasks and Template Forms.
  • You can define variables (see Macro Editor - right) for capturing active server CGI parameters.
  • Variables can also be created 'on-the-fly' using markup tags in Code Resources.
  • Web Forms can be prepared using conventional HTML development tools such as Dreamweaver and Frontpage and pasted into WebPublisher Studio Code Resource snippets..
  • WebPublisher Studio Server instances can be set to listen on multiple ports allowing partitioning of web services using a single IP.
  • WebPublisher Studio Server can be configured in a server cluster with single instances of the server application dedicated to specific web services or functions.
  • And you can write Omnis code directly into Plugin libraries just like you would for any Studio application.

Complete information about the WebPublisher Studio API can be obtained from the API Table of Contents

Plugin Manager

Simple "Hello World" Example

The Evaluation Kit includes several worked examples that describe how to create Active Web Pages and Thick Client desktop applications.

The steps for creating a simple "Hello World" Active Web Page are outlined in the slide show below.