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WebPublisher Studio Tools

WebPublisher Studio comprises three self-contained Omnis libraries: WebPublisher Server, WebPublisher Client and WebPublisher Thick Client Toolbox.
WebPublisher Studio uses a plugin architecture that allows delivery of several discrete web services from a single server and comprises a suite of client-server tools that can be accessed by plugin Omnis applications using the WebPublisher Server API.
  • Each WebPublisher Server instance can be configured to listen on multiple ports allowing partitioning of web services using a single IP address.
  • WebPublisher Server can also be configured in a Multi Instance Cluster with individual instances dedicated to specific web services or activity.
  • In a clustered configuration each WebPublisher Server instance acts as a single thread processing requests and balancing load.
  • Each instance is assigned to a single Omnis Studio Runtime deployed in a Cluster folder (as shown right).
  • Subsequent instances are automatically booted once the first instance is run.
Multi-instance Cluster
Runtime Setup

1. WebPublisher Studio Server

WebPublisher Server (wpserver.lbs) is used to respond to HTTP and TCP/IP requests during Plugin development and in any production system. The Server provides:
  • HTTP Compliant Server.
  • SMTP Email Dispatching.
  • Server Side Tasks and scheduling tools.
  • Thick Client calls using the Thick Client Toolkit (wpxtools.lbs).
  • Session management tools supporting unlimited connections.
  • Multiple services per instance using custom listening ports.
  • Scalability - assign up to 47 Server instances per cluster.
Server instances can be assigned to dedicated functions allowing the separation of data entry, HTML services, Reporting and Server side task processing (read more...)
Server Manager Window
Server Folder Contents
WebPublisher Server is required for all development work and for the final deployment of any production system.

2. WebPublisher Studio Client

WebPublisher Client (wpclient.lbs) contains the user interface for remote management of all server functions plus all the development tools needed for creating, editing and upgrading server plugins.
Client Plugin Manager Window
The Client application is used to manage the Server and all WebPublisher Studio resources.
It is supplied in two configurations determined by the type of license obtained from Corporate Windows. These are:


Developer Folder Contents
  1. Administration Client
    Provides tools for administering a Production server and publishing Plug-in resources.
    The Administration Tools control all User Access to the server (read more...)

  2. Developer Client
    Contains all the tools needed to author WebPublisher Studio Plugin applications (includes the Developer Administration tools).
    Developers can build applications in the Client that can be locked and deployed into a production environment and managed remotely using the Server Manager tools in the Client (read more...)

3. WebPublisher Studio Thick Client Toolbox (wpxtools.lbs)

WebPublisher Thick Client Toolbox is used to write rich desktop applications in Omnis Studio.

  • It provides the WebPublisher Client API to allow a custom thick client application to communicate with its server plugin.
  • A copy of this library must be deployed with any thick client application and is typically loaded by its startup task.
Demo Plugin Folder