WebPublisher Studio Tools: Administration

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New release Administrator Tools
Description Server Developer Administration

Administration Client

The WebPublisher Studio Client contains the administration tools for managing systems in a production environment.

The Administration Tools are common to both the Developer and Production versions of WebPublisher Studio Client.
Configuration of the tools available is performed automatically based upon the license purchased and the serial number supplied.
The Production Administrator configuration removes all development and resource management tools from the environment and adds functionality for assigning User Accounts to allow access to the server.

There are two classes of User Account that can be assigned - Administrator and Developer:

  1. Administrators are granted access to a range of server functions (eg. logs, sessions, mail queue etc.) based upon privileges assigned by the Master Administrator.
    Only one Master Administrator can be assigned.
  2. Developers moving applications into production require an Administrator to grant access by creating a Developer User Account.
    Developers can be restricted to access only their Plugin Libraries and resources, and to designated log files (eg. the File Transfer Port logs).

Managing Server Users

You can create additional Administrators and provide access to WebPublisher Studio Developers with the User Manager in the Server Administration tools.

  • The User Manager allows creation of custom Administrator and Developer Profiles to permit remote management of server resources.

  • Profiles for Developers can be set to restrict access to specific system resources (eg. Plugins) with facility for immediately revoking access without deleting the user's access profile.

User Manager New Developer User Profile Configuration