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New release Development Client Tools
Description Server Developer Administration

Developer Client

The WebPublisher Studio Client contains the developer toolkit allowing you to write database applications that will deliver Active Web Pages or a complete Omnis Studio desktop application environment to anywhere in the world over TCP/IP.

Developer Cluster

No need for Windows only applications like Visual Studio, Delphi, PowerBuilder, or similar development tools to write your rich desktop DBMS applications.

Our Thick Client Toolkit is platform agnostic and written in Omnis.

WebPublisher Studio provides all of the tools needed to write "Thick" Client applications in Omnis Studio using the supplied wpx API

This means your applications can behave identically whether you are using the internet or connected to the enterprise LAN. No web browsers required.

Resource Manager

The WebPublisher Studio Developer Client uses programmable Plug-in libraries to manage data that can be stored in a local Omnis Native Data File (NDF) and/or any other supported proprietary DBMS.

  • You can connect to multiple back-end servers and access content from remote networks.
  • You can also write Active Web Page services for HTTP/HTML (eg. for an intranet).
  • And you can mix and match your client environments, thin and thick, to utilse your core business code.

And, because it's Omnis, you can convert your existing applications to retain their interface and database structures but utilise the flexibility of the internet to publish your data.

Macro Editor

How It Works

WebPublisher Studio is programmed to arbitrate the business rules for the web enabled application using server-side stored procedures. Thick Client implementations communicate directly with the Plugin code you write using our .wpx method calls.

Stored procedures are accessed from the Plugin Library located within the WebPublisher Studio server installation.

  • Source code is written to allow data to be submitted to the WebPublisher Studio Server using HTTP or the .wpx protocol for Thick Clients.

  • Thin Client applications use HTTP to return rendered Active Web Pages populated with data from your application.

  • The Thick Client is developed in Omnis to provide the custom user interface, including local data validation rules, multiple windows, lists, butons etc.

  • Data is exchanged between the Client and Server over TCP/IP using HTTP or the Thick Client Toolbox API methods.

  • These transmissions are validated on the server according to the business rules programmed in the stored procedures and a structured response is returned and displayed using the Active Web Page or customised Omnis Thick Client interface.

The Programmer API is fully described under the API Table of Contents.