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Description Server Developer Administration

Server Overview

The WebPublisher Studio Server is a complete HTTP server capable of responding to conventional TCP/IP requests and delivering Active Web Pages that mix static and dynamic content as well as supporting desktop applications that use our WPX Thick Client toolkit.

Standard housekeeping functions, such as port management, session management and activity/error logging, are all provided by the server leaving the developer free to concentrate on the functionality of the application under development.

The Server provides facilities for:

  • Processing HTTP Active Web Pages.
  • Managing User Sessions and logins.
  • Processing "thick" Client requests using the WebPublisher Studio API.
  • Communicating with other TCP/IP appliances
  • Queuing and dispatching email containing Active Web Page content using SMTP.
  • Adding Multiple Instances for scaling services.
  • Creating Administrator and Developer accounts.
  • Remote administration and maintenance of production systems.

In addition to serving HTTP and WebPublisher Thick Client requests, the Server provides comprehensive administration, logging and debugging facilities.

Server Monitor Window

Server Logs

All server and error logs can be viewed on the server and remotely using the WebPublisher Studio Client Administration tools.

Port Logging
Each service port contains logs of content requests.
Port Log files contain request IP, date and time, URI request and the result including the total processing time.

Session Logging
The Session logs show all current user sessions and the time of the last request.
Session timeout handling is controlled using the WebPublisher Studio Client

Execution Error Logging
Execution errors provide information on Plug-in execution failures and compilation errors.
The execution logs allow debugging of Plugins during development and isolating configuration errors in production.

Mail Queue Logging
The Mail Queue logs show all pending SMTP outbound traffic awaiting delivery.
Mail Queue handling is controlled using the WebPublisher Studio Client.

Web Mail Error Logging
Mail Error logs display problems with delivery due to failures in the outbound Mail Servers.

System Error Logging
Web Errors are returned as standard TCP/IP error values and errors from the TCP/IP transport layers.
This includes problems with socketing, binding, and other errors returned from the Omnis Studio web enabler extensions.

  • Logfiles can be managed remotely including viewing, saving to a local directory, and deleting.
  • Access to log files is controlled by the Production Administrator in production systems.
Port Log Viewer Window

Log Manager